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Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology (SCR) technology uses an additive called AdBlue that is injected into the exhaust gases before they pass through an SCR catalytic converter. AdBlue is also know as Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

AdBlue is a 32.5% solution of high-purity urea in de-mineralized water that is clear, non-toxic, non flammable, biodegradable and safe to handle.

AdBlue is not a fuel or a fuel additive and needs to be used in a dedicated tank in your vehicle or equipment.

In the catalytic converter, the nitrogen oxide is turned into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapour – substances that are already found naturally in our environment.

How should I store AdBlue?

AdBlue can be stored for 1 year if this is done in a correct manner, away from direct sunlight in a sealed package and in a well ventilated storage area.

It needs to be protected from too warm or too cold temperatures.

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